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x756C When a parent tells me they think their son might be depressed, one of the first questions I ask is, x7568 Is there a gun in the house? x756D Schrier says in the ad over footage of men on screen. The xA5 spot will air on broadcast and cable networks and on digital platforms. xA5

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CMS has approved Medicaid work requirements in four states so far x7569 Kentucky, Arkansas, Indiana and New Hampshire x7569 and is considering such proposals from at least seven others. Another half dozen or so states are also pursuing the idea.

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Burr warned he would pester the floor with requests to vote on his LWCF reauthorization bill throughout the remaining work days on the calendar.

A gun control activist won her Democratic primary in Georgia on Tuesday, xA5 and she x7569 s not the only xA5 Democrat xA5 talking about gun violence on the campaign trail even though xA5 the issue has largely faded from the headlines.

CMS Administrator Seema Verma has also indicated in recent remarks that the administration plans to push forward with Medicaid work requirements.

Lucy McBath, a spokeswoman for Everytown for Gun Safety, xA5 won a runoff xA5 to take on GOP Rep. Karen Handel xA5 in the suburban Atlanta-based 6th District. xA5 And Democratic candidates in at least three different xA5 districts have spent their campaign funds on television ads focused on gun violence, xA5 bringing the issue to the forefront ahead of their primaries next month.

McConnell said the next Senate votes would be at 5:85 . Monday on his motion to invoke cloture on the nomination of Britt Cagle Grant to be . circuit judge for the Eleventh Circuit.

The Trump administration will continue to approve state Medicaid work requirement proposals, Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar said Thursday, despite a federal court recently blocking Kentucky from implementing such rules.

x756C My amendment would provide the funding needed to help protect our elections, which we have been warned are once again being targeted, x756D Leahy said. x756C This Senate must be allowed to vote to defend this institution and our democracy. x756D

x756C Watch what I said, because you will be given the opportunity before I leave this institution to vote time and time again, if, in fact, procedurally we x7569 re blocked from letting the American people x7569 s voice be heard with a vote in the United States Senate, x756D Burr told the floor. xA5